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This Issue is exceptional as it marks the official launch of our International version of the magazine to a wider audience around the world. The magazine aims to give our audience the taste of good lifestyle as well as great information and advice about property investment, housing developments, interior décor trends and the best suppliers and service providers available. We also keep you up to date with exceptional homes created

5 Positive Reasons to Have a Custom Home

By Leo Eigenberg | Published On May 17, 2019 A custom home that is tailored to your specific needs can offer a wide range of benefits. With the option to make important decisions on the layout, materials and location, there is a very real chance of being able to create the perfect forever home. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of having a custom home: Customized

Deciding on the Perfect Kitchen Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

By Janet Slagell Perhaps one the most eye-catching features of any kitchen design are the countertops. Regardless of whether you like the country chic that seems to be so prevalent, hints of Old World elegance, or have embraced the sleek, straight lines of the modern kitchen, the countertops are sure to be a key factor in the design. After all, this where the magic begins. Sure, it is important to

Sustainable design in 2019 interior design trends

Sustainability is a popular concern. So expect to see 2019 interior design trends that help people live eco-friendly. For instance, indoor gardening like a vertical herb garden is a popular feature in kitchens. That allows you to grow your own fresh cooking ingredients in a way that couldn’t get more local. Living plant walls have become a huge trend that don’t appear to be going away in 2019, either. You’ll

Ant Fynn Art

Ant Fynn is a Zimbabwean artist with a passion for painting African landscapes and wildlife. More than that he strives through his art to make people aware of the beauty of Africa and get them involved in conserving it. Describing his life and work Fynn says, “I have been painting Africa and its wildlife for many years and never get tired of it.  Every day I see something which I

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FBC Building Society is a mortgage finance institution mandated to mobilise savings and to promote home ownership in Zimbabwe. The building society is also directly involved in residential property developments for low, medium and high-income group segments.  Currently, they are investing in 3 major developments, one in Greendale No. Kennedy Drive; Mt.Pleasant area number 6 Staikilga Rd; Waterfalls Phase 5 – completed units in waterfalls. Please see more information on


If you are selling a property in Zimbabwe, you need to consider the following costs which will be for your account All Registered Estate Agents are governed by the Estate Agents Council. The fees we can charge are set down by law. A commission charged on the sale of immovable property is 5% of the purchase price of the property. There is value added tax charged on this 5%. The

Liora Estates Home N Styles

There’s a fantastic new development project taking place in Harare’s prestigious Northern suburbs. It’s called Liora Estates, situated along Crowhill Road about 5 kms north of Borrowdale Brooke and about 23 kms from the city centre. It’s conveniently close to both Borrowdale Road and Harare Drive so there’s easy access to the major shopping centres and to the Central Business District. The Estate is part of the stunning Crowhill Views

aspindale park home view

Harare is facing a critical shortage of good high-density housing options as the population increases and more people are moving to the city from rural areas. It’s estimated that the backlog of housing is over a million units. This scarcity has led to overcrowding and poor living conditions for many people in the middle or lower income bracket. The older high-density areas lack many important social amenities and life there