Plascon Colour Trend Forecast – 2018

Plascon color trends-1

Plascon color trends-3Every year Plascon puts together the Plascon Colour Forecast to help people decode the world of colour trends and make them relevant to their lives. Currently, we’re seeing that our world is in UX, and this means that our trends are all about bringing different design, cultural and lifestyle in influences together in unexpected combinations. So in this Forecast we hope that you find inspiration first and foremost, but also a resonance in your own life. Colour is more than what’s on the surface. It affects our mood and shapes our world, and this Forecast is our snapshot of where we are right now.


Amadeus Neutral“AMADEUS” Y2-B1-4

Amadeus is an earthy, yellow-tinted hue that helps to bring a space together. It’s a neutral with a character which brings a grounding energy when you combine it with other colours.