Home Feature


What was originally a rather modest farm manager’s cottage has been transformed over the years into a delightful and slightly quirky family home that oozes charm and elegance. It’s been perfectly adapted to suit the Owners’ easy going and relaxed lifestyle and reflects their eclectic tastes and their personalities. The core of the house was built in the 1930’s, with a steeply pitched A-frame roof of small black cement tiles

Hamilton House - A magical home blending many styles

A magical home blending many styles – text and production by Michael Nott – photography Alan Hageman, before photos courtesy of the owner   A blend of elements of European Gothic, Mediterranean, Moroccan and African styles sounds discordant and potentially incoherent and jarring. There’s certainly the possibility that a house that combined all these styles would end up as a jumble of mismatched and jarring elements that don’t sit comfortably

A Fresh Start

Although it’s not hard to find a house with charm in Cape Town, especially in the City Bowl suburbs where pretty cottages, picturesque terrace houses and promising fixer-uppers are the rule rather than the exception, it still took Craig, a footwear importer and his partner Riekus Raaths, a graphic designer for an advertising agency, two years to find the right one. And even then at first glance they weren’t quite