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Indoor Air Quality & Your Health

Simply being aware of the quality of the air you are breathing and how it can be managed goes a long way to improved personal health management. Even though much remains to be learned about the relationship between the environment and specific diseases it is wise to use available knowledge to start practicing disease prevention lifestyle. Factors contributing to sick building syndrome include: Inadequate Ventilation In many cases reduced outdoor

A Healthy Lifestyle

YOU ARE WORTH IT A healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, provides many  benefits and rewarding experiences in your daily life. Besides enhancing your natural ability to resist illness of any kind, being in good health has a lot more advantages and helps you really enjoy your life fully. The human body is designed to be in harmony with Nature in every way possible. This implies that everything that we


Your brain is 75% water, so maintaining it in perfect balance is vital for physical and mental wellbeing. Two thirds of your body consists of water. These two facts highlight the importance of keeping oneself well hydrated. The biological systems that make up our bodies rely on a fluid system in the actual sense. If we take the heart, for example, the cardiovascular system is our pumping core. It consists