H & S Gardening

Quiet Delight

With creative use of both potted and planted specimen palms, natural wooden trellising and carefully placed garden art, this beginner gardener has allowed her imagination to flow freely in her rented property. The result is both pleasing and gentle on the eye, and immediately transports the visitor to a place of calm Afro-Asian serenity. Considering especially that the gardener’s budget was limited, the overall effect would make most  professional landscapers


REFLECTIONS, IDENTITY AND GARDENS At last the idea of projecting and revelling in our African identity is finally gaining ground! I was excited about this many years ago as a young student but my fire of enthusiasm turned to faint flickering flames and then to dying embers – almost. There were times when the flames were fanned again, but eventually they would subside. Now they are in full flame again,

Pathways Of An African  Eden

REFRESHING GARDENS – As we drove into the driveway my glare was captured by the lightly green leafed acacia trees that were laid parallel to this entrance they seemed to protrude from this neatly trimmed verge. We announced our presence with a press of a button, the A rolled open to reveal a roll down a lane with an eased clutch, my gaze was taken into a spiral darting focal