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I love roasted vegetables. I love how simple and  hassle-free it is to prepare them and I love how the vegetables’ natural sweet and savoury taste comes through. I find that the way peppers or butternuts or pumpkins even taste after being roasted is more prominent compared to when you  steam or stir-fry them. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter two methods of preparing vegetables but I’m just

DINERS, DIVES – but not DRIVE IN’S…… the Humble Hamburger!

My “Foodie Mission” for this year on our Stateside road trip was to try and overcome my aversion to the simple humble “Hamburger” For years I have been plagued by a version of cardboard cutouts that consist of stale bread rolls, hard bread rolls, crumbling bread rolls, tasteless pastry thin meat patties and soggy tomato sauce coloured mayonnaise with overcooked lettuce. That in my opinion about sums up many of


ZIMBABWEANS are well-known for their love affair with fine dining, so it’s unsurprising that La Chandelle restaurant at Rainbow Towers, renowned for its French cuisine, is fast becoming one of Harare’s favourite foodie destinations.Situated on the mezzanine floor, La Chandelle has a sumptuous new look. Gold damask table cloths offset spotless white napkins and gleaming silver flatware, while deep red carpets and the rich brocade upholstery of the light and