Ant Fynn Art

Ant Fynn is a Zimbabwean artist with a passion for painting African landscapes and wildlife. More than that he strives through his art to make people aware of the beauty of Africa and get them involved in conserving it. Describing his life and work Fynn says, “I have been painting Africa and its wildlife for many years and never get tired of it.  Every day I see something which I

The Art Scene

This exhibition comes at a time when art, science and community engagement is getting prominence in the Zimbabwean Art scene. The arrival of this exhibition by Koen brings a rather different dimension on what art can do. As an international platform, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe is hosting  this exhibition to continue its legacy that was started when it opened in 1957. The Planetary Community Chicken exhibition is here for

Virginia Chihota Pottery

Female Intuition Art Personified An award winning artist, Virginia Chihota is talk in the two dimensional art scene. Skilled in printmaking (serigraph), ceramics, printing and graphics, she is one of the few female visual artists making waves with her works that are woven around her socio-cultural experiences and consciousness. “ My art is a language  that seeks  to create  a relationship  with those that I share  a  common language without

Magic Brush Effect- Antiquing

Text by Vimbai Nyakabau, Images by Christopher Scott There is a fascination that lies in giving a piece of furniture character and an aged persona. Face it, homemakers love the dated look as they have realised that it complements a wide array of décor styles. We met Melissa Birketoft,  who runs Magic brush which offers the latest paint finishes  and techniques and  what caught  our  eye  from  her  portfolio  was 

David Filer Biography

David Filer Biography. The life of an artist may appear to be a relaxed and easy going one, but beneath the surface, the self discipline and tenacity needed to succeed on whatever scale, is enormous. At 24, while still working on his self-discipline, David is indeed persistent and determined in his work, and beyond the obvious desire to succeed, has a simple need to create works of art. After graduating