Indoor Air Quality & Your Health

Simply being aware of the quality of the air you are breathing and how it can be managed goes a long way to improved personal health management. Even though much remains to be learned about the relationship between the environment and specific diseases it is wise to use available knowledge to start practicing disease prevention lifestyle. Factors contributing to sick building syndrome include: Inadequate Ventilation In many cases reduced outdoor

September Issue 37

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A Healthy Lifestyle

YOU ARE WORTH IT A healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, provides many  benefits and rewarding experiences in your daily life. Besides enhancing your natural ability to resist illness of any kind, being in good health has a lot more advantages and helps you really enjoy your life fully. The human body is designed to be in harmony with Nature in every way possible. This implies that everything that we


Samsung’s range of innovative household appliances are assembled locally to stringent international quality standards, and are readily available at the flagship store in Harare, located at the Zimpost Harare Sorting Office in Graniteside and other selected outlets. Customers enjoy a 12 months warranty with full service and parts back-up for legitimate Samsung household appliances purchased in the country, with a maximum working seven days service turnaround. Samsung’s energy efficient cool

H&S Recipe

I love roasted vegetables. I love how simple and  hassle-free it is to prepare them and I love how the vegetables’ natural sweet and savoury taste comes through. I find that the way peppers or butternuts or pumpkins even taste after being roasted is more prominent compared to when you  steam or stir-fry them. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter two methods of preparing vegetables but I’m just

H & S Expo

The first ever International Design Expo in Harare was held from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th of July at the Cresta Lodge in Msasa. It was organised by Homes and Styles in collaboration with VHM Event Management. Despite the fact that the Expo dates were changed because of the stay away,  the event was an outstanding success. There were around thirty different exhibitors displaying their goods and services, for every

The Art Scene

This exhibition comes at a time when art, science and community engagement is getting prominence in the Zimbabwean Art scene. The arrival of this exhibition by Koen brings a rather different dimension on what art can do. As an international platform, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe is hosting  this exhibition to continue its legacy that was started when it opened in 1957. The Planetary Community Chicken exhibition is here for

The Italian DAB E.sybox

Have you ever been enjoying your early morning shower when the water suddenly turns freezing cold? You leap out of the shower, dripping wet and shivering. Somebody has turned on a tap in the kitchen or flushed the loo in the other bathroom! You fiddle with the hot and cold taps to get the temperature just right. As soon as you get back into the shower the  water temperature starts


What was originally a rather modest farm manager’s cottage has been transformed over the years into a delightful and slightly quirky family home that oozes charm and elegance. It’s been perfectly adapted to suit the Owners’ easy going and relaxed lifestyle and reflects their eclectic tastes and their personalities. The core of the house was built in the 1930’s, with a steeply pitched A-frame roof of small black cement tiles

Quiet Delight

With creative use of both potted and planted specimen palms, natural wooden trellising and carefully placed garden art, this beginner gardener has allowed her imagination to flow freely in her rented property. The result is both pleasing and gentle on the eye, and immediately transports the visitor to a place of calm Afro-Asian serenity. Considering especially that the gardener’s budget was limited, the overall effect would make most  professional landscapers