May 2019

5 Positive Reasons to Have a Custom Home

By Leo Eigenberg | Published On May 17, 2019 A custom home that is tailored to your specific needs can offer a wide range of benefits. With the option to make important decisions on the layout, materials and location, there is a very real chance of being able to create the perfect forever home. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of having a custom home: Customized

Deciding on the Perfect Kitchen Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

By Janet Slagell Perhaps one the most eye-catching features of any kitchen design are the countertops. Regardless of whether you like the country chic that seems to be so prevalent, hints of Old World elegance, or have embraced the sleek, straight lines of the modern kitchen, the countertops are sure to be a key factor in the design. After all, this where the magic begins. Sure, it is important to